A-Z Global Education Trends

FREE Online Video Course designed to familiarise educators with the latest trends in education around the world. Can be used in any country and applied to any syllabus.

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It is time for change!

I would like to begin by connecting with you, my fellow teacher, by answering the question, “Why did I create this course?” The simple answer, “Time”. Teachers do not have enough of it; for themselves, for their prep, for their marking, to really connect with learners, to learn new teaching methods, to read about education trends or even to sleep! Yet we are now in a world, where if we do not evolve with modern culture and technology, we will find that glassy eyed stares is all we will get from learners. Dare I say, we are facing a future where we may be obsolete. Thankfully, learning occurs socially and through experience, so if we manage to keep up with our learners, we will be the facilitators of learning of the future.

Watching learners grow and develop has always been a joy for me, and now we have the opportunity to grow and develop with the learners, as we engage in new technologies and teaching strategies. This is where it all begins… Growth Mindset. A learning mindset. How may we show others how to learn, if we do not know how to learn something new ourselves?

This course is a curation of years of online research condensed into a collection of media that captures the gist of each topic, yet provides enough understanding for application. Research that is still happening during the curation, because new education content is created daily.The course is an alphabetised list of the global education trends separated into manageable sections. There are future plans to move the course onto a more user-friendly platform. 

The decision to make the course online was due to the struggle to find time to train teachers with their busy schedules. Teachers can do it in their own time, at their own pace. 

“Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.”
John Cotton

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